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Starting from scratch in the MENA region

Situation/the brief:

A major media conglomerate was interested in the formation of a new brand to compete with the dominant Kleenex brand. There was a very high frequency of use for facial tissues across the region but virtually no competition.

What we did: 

Observing the needs of consumers and attitudes towards the Kleenex brand we found that the Kleenex brand "personality" was seen to be capable, yet bland and distant. This was at odds with the more emotional needs of users at key consumption moments. 

Using this insight, we created brand positioning for a completely new brand designed to connect emotionally through the feeling of embrace. 


Our brand positioning drove pack design as well as cross channel communications. 

Leading to our brand taking 10% of market within 18 months of launch. 

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Situation/the brief:

At the time of our engagement there was an ongoing erosion of footfall, dwell time and spend. There was no sense of differentiation or compelling reason to visit this shopping centre as opposed to from other local competitors. On the contrary, the most immediate competitor was regarded by shoppers as superior. We were brought in to establish a way forward that provided a unique offering and increase engagement.  

What we did:

We began by exploring the target market and establishing market segmentation by attitude to our client's brand and that of its competitors. Here we looked to identify under leveraged connectivity opportunities.

In doing so, we discovered dormant attributes of the brand that connected with fundamental motivations for going pleasure shopping. That being temporary hedonistic escapism with subconscious links to the borderline fantastical.

Using these findings we were able to build a new brand DNA that drove innovative new communications activity in TV. 


As a result decline halted in in key metrics including traffic, spend, dwell time. 

Meanwhile, we turned around brand health scores and achieved leadership on core attributes...

…ultimately rejuvinating overall performance by +11% in just 12 months with no change in retail population.

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Monty Bojangles

The brief:

At the time, the client was using a price-based proposition in a crowded market. There was no motivating point of differentiation. The brief was to make MB compelling from a consumer perspective in a way that was different to competitors. 

What we did:

Pursuing penetrative research we identified how to create an emotional bond between the consumer and the brand.

We used this to engineer a sophisticated Brand DNA, leveraging the brand capital of the client's own eccentric history. 


Our Brand DNA and thinking was used to drive the direction of a dramatic redesign of packaging and visuals.  

An impactful consumer-informed Trade presentation was also built on our thinking. 

Within 2 years of trading under its new identity, the brand almost doubled in volume, partly through distribution gains, but mostly through rate of sale growth

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